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My TECHNICAL SKILLS are summarized below:

  • databases MySQL, MariaDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB & Cloudera/Hadoop
  • cloud Google Cloud Platform: BigQuery, Datastudio & Kubernetes
  • stream processing Kafka & NSQ
  • machine learning Tensorflow, Caffe, Weka3, StanfordNLP, Knime, RapidMiner, Weka & other
  • analytics Tableau & Datastudio
  • programming Golang, Python, PHP, Javascript, Ruby (RoR), C/C++, C# , Java, Prolog & SQL
  • webserver Apache2, Lighttpd & Nginx
  • cms WordPress & other state of the art CMS systems



During my studies I gathered my first experiences with startups. I co-founded an app startup called whisp Internet. This company still exists and is now focused on startup and hacking events as well as consulting provider. After that I established an agency Bresk&Fliegel that launched different products in domain of outdoor/lifestyle and tech. The agency also provides business consulting and mentoring for startups.


Philosophy & Scope

I think art is, where the heart is – and work should definitely raise the claim to be art. When a problem or task touches the heart the result will be terrific. There is just one condition – it must challenge the skills & mind.

I’m definitely interested in projects regarding:

  • Machine Learning / Natural Language Processing / Semantic research
  • Fancy startup ideas
  • Web applications from a simple blog up to tricky intelligent systems
  • Interesting S(E/M)(O/M) projects
  • Journalistic tasks

Lead Projects


# Agentur Bresk & Fliegel

Agentur B&F is a Dresden based agency that is specialized on producing and commercialization of different products. Beside the A4Grill the agency also provides a variety of platforms and blogs as well as consulting services.


During a short vacation stop in Wesenberg (a city in germany, on canoe trip) a friend and I had some deep discussions on a grill that fits in every bag. Our idea and the USP of the product was the packing size and the design of the product. So we iterated and reconsidered the product in every step. We’re proud to present the A4Grill.

# trendinc

NLP and machine learning was/is one of my passions. Under the flag of trendinc I train, apply and use statistical models. Some applications are news aggregation and processing (sentiment, author level, media buzz etc), trend discovery, conversational bots and a question answering system that I’m developing since 2015.

# Hack.Events

With Hack.Events we established hackathons and fancy startup events in the area of Dresden. We are currently planning more of it, to enhance the startup scene in Saxony.

# Einweggrillfrei

As the A4Grill evolved, we had the problem that we now had the grill but not the sustainable grill experience that we wanted to create. So we set up a campaign named Einweggrillfrei that deals with sustainable products around the grill itself – coal, cutlery and igniter. Our idea was to combine other companies and products to create a platform for the high potential market of ecofriendly products in the grill industry.

# Künstliche Intelligenz Blog

On KI blog  (artificial intelligence blog) I wrote about current development and projects in the wide field of AI, machine learning, natural language processing and robotics. I’ve started this blog in november of 2014. In june 2016 I restarted the project with the focus on startups, university projects and short news. During this period I received a lot feedback and attention. Nontheless I renamed the project to Maschinenersatzverkehr which is now focused on future, technology and society – the topics that really interest me.

# Machine Rockstars

Machine Rockstars is a blog about trends in machine learning and combines economics and tech topics together. If you want to start with a specific topic of ML then you should definitely visit MR.


Other Projects


# Startup Weekend Dresden

Together with a few partners like GründerGarten Dresden, Stadt.Land.Netz and ImpactLoft we (Hack.Events) organized the 2017 version of the Startup Weekend in Dresden. The event took place in December.

# GrillPlatz360

GrillPlatz360 is your helper if you want to have a barbecue outdoor. It provides you all bbq places nearby / around you and in your city. The application focuses on the German speaking countries.

# DreamCity

Is the location of a city or location in germany predictable? DreamCity deals with that question and provides a regressor that estimates the lat, lng coords of different german cities. This former research project was released as open source project to play around with it.

# Gopher Neural

When I started with machine learning in Golang, I searched the web for a framework that covers all aspects of ML: training, evaluation, production. I found go-neural – a simple backpropagation algorithm. So I built everything I needed around this algorithm. The product was Gopher Neural. Check it out on Github.

# Phonetizz

Most phonetic algorithms using a code or symbols that are not easily comparable. This motivates the development of a phonetic algorithm that uses the simplest forms of text comparison. With Phonetizz the Levenshtein distance metric was utilized to perform such calculations for such a phonetic measure. Another important point is that all known algorithms are just working on words. With Phonetizz it is possible to work also on phrases instead of just one word.

# Was grill ich heut?

This site solves the simple problem of “How to grill today”. It acts as a proxy for chefkoch recipes. Here you can find the page.


The idea behind Lausitz Guru is the combination of web pages and social media accounts that have a high influence and reach in the Lausitz – a region in germany. With Lausitz Guru restaurants, local companies and venues can promote there products or events. LG can be considered as marketing channels for the region.

# whisp – The opinion network

whisp structures opinions from users and recommends relevant stuff to you. The range of topics is wide. Movies, music and apps are just a few. Whisp was developed for iOS and Android. Also a web version is available.

# startApp Dresden

A network of professionals, professors and consultants that help you with skyrocking your app idea. You can meet us, spend a coffee and get our expertise on your app topic. This is startApp Dresden.

# textpcsr

It stands for “text preprocessing, classification, semantics and response” and was developed to build a pipeline for some text processing tasks. It also contains mechanisms for sentiment analysis and hierarchical text classification.

# NBDS – Neuron Based Data Structure

A few years ago (2010-2012) I loved the way to query through network based structures. It has many advantages. So I’ve developed NBDS which is a data structure that acts like a graph. Its queryable and serializable.

# Ipsum – PHP formular parser

The parser written in PHP parses a formular given as string and calculates the result. You can also add own functions, variables and constants to the calculation.

And more?

You can see more projects at cip-labs project site or ask me for more.