What’s up in Question Answering?

In recent years a lot new possibilities occured that can be used to create smarter Question Answering systems. This work will function as a round up for the state of the art systems and serve as pool of new ideas and combinations.

What’s up in Recommender Systems?

Since I’m working on recommendation systems for almost 2 years now the state of the art moved significantly. With this work I try to catch up with the state of the art systems, categorize and classify them as well give an outlook.


2017, Data Sets for German Question Answering (link), Repository, Alexander Bresk

Different state of the art systems in Question Answering are dealing with English data sets and are also specialized for English language. This work introduces different data sets to train classifiers for Question Answering systems.

2015, Question Answering using Unstructured Data (pdf), Master Thesis, Alexander Bresk

2012, 3D Head Pose Estimation using Consumer Depth Cameras, Bachelor Thesis, Alexander Bresk



  • 2017, Machine Learning 101 (pdf), Machine Rockstars, Alexander Bresk