Trends and Terms: Analysis of Brand Sentiments and Occuring Trends


  • Preis et al. showed that changes in user interactions could be a “early warning sign” that stock market also changes (with Google Trends).
  • Vosen & Schmidt showed that they can use Google Trends to forecast privSAate consumption.
  • Delia & Armstrong investigated sentiment of different sport promotion campaigns (hint to: New Challenges in Sponsorship Evaluation Actors, New Media, and the Context of Praxis)
  • Aguiar and Gopinath: “the cycle is the trend”
  • Scraping patent texts and project keywords of latest patents to discover trends (SAC(2009))
  • Technical note: “Term” equals 1-gram and “Phrase” equals {2,..6}-gram
  • Fuzzy time series to forecast stock market (link), interesting results!
  • Launch of with the first results for the research

Reviewed Material

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